GLIDE engineering compounds provide the industrial market with great success and unlimited potential for new applications. With the strenuous demands put on equipment, coupled with the sometimes difficult to service component or location, make GLIDE Bearings the best choice for efficient and limited maintenance materials.

Additional material benefits:

  • High compressive strength
  • Thermally stable
  • Excellent wear properties
  • Reduced maintenance intervals required
  • Easily installed and serviced
  • Shaft friendly
  • “Green materials" (environmentally friendly)

Industrial application examples:

  • Sawmills - roller bushings, pivot and chain guide bushings.
  • Excavating – Roller chain bushings, gravel washer roller bearings.
  • Mining – Bin and hopper bushings, rock crusher bushings.
  • Material handling – fork truck mast pivot bushings, shift slides, suspensions.
  • Earth moving – oscillating bushings, pivot bushings.
  • Cranes – drag line crane bushings, extendable boom slides.
  • Tractor trailer – leaf spring shackles, wear discs, suspension bushings.
  • Scissor lift / bucket lift – bushings.
  • Pneumatic / Hydraulic - Piston bearings, ram bushings, linear bearings.
  • Motorcycle / ATV – swing arm and suspension linkage bushings.
  • Agricultural – Irrigation systems, pumps, plows and planters.
  • Snow removal – blade pivot bushings.
  • Lawn Care – idler & swivel wheel bushings, steering bushings.
  • Wind power – blade pitch adjustment bushings.