GLIDE materials are widely used in many pumping and hydro applications. With internal lubrication compounded into all of our materials we have excellent dry-run capacity in vertical and turbine lift pumps. Our high temperature and abrasion resistant materials are also have extraordinary success in very demanding applications that can handle working temperatures over 450°F.

Additional material benefits for pumps:

  • Dissipates heat
  • Extreme compressive strength 36,500 psi
  • Excellent wear properties
  • Easily installed (press or freeze fit)
  • Can run on itself (GLIDE-616 and GLIDE-615)
  • Shaft friendly
  • Unlimited sizing combinations
  • No need to grease
  • Can be molded into component shapes

Pump / hydro application examples:

  • Impeller wear Rings
  • Casing wear rings
  • Pump bowl bearings
  • Suction bell bearings
  • Spider bearings
  • Archimedes screw bearings
  • Pivot bushings
  • Aerator bushings
  • Wicket gate