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GLIDE Bearings & Seal Systems was founded by owner, Tim Creighton, in 2013; however, his innovative dripless seal system designs and marine bearings were first developed back in 2001. Prior to founding GLIDE, Tim worked for MasterCraft (2003-2005) as an Interior Design Manager. While working there, he offered to build his Dripless Seal Systems to test against what was being used at that time.


Validation: With 2 new production boats equipped with the new seal system, both produced over 1200 hours of flawless performance each in one summer. In 2005 MasterCraft and Malibu boats went with the seal system across the board on all boats with many other builders quick to follow suit. Today the list includes MasterCraft, NXT, Nautique, Centurion, Supreme, MB Sports, Tige, VanDam Custom Boats, Montara Surf Pontoons and many more.


Today, Tim works alongside his son, Tim Jr., as well as a handful of other dedicated and hardworking employees. They pride themselves with efficiency, performance, quality and most importantly: customer service. They design, manufacture, and distribute bearings and seal systems for several other applications within the commercial marine, pump, industrial/agricultural and food industries.


For inquiries regarding your specific needs, please contact us.


The first Seal System prototype was designed in 2001 by Tim Creighton. Over the years, he has continued improving the design to ensure he would be providing the absolute best seal system on the market. 2005 marked the official production release of the snap-ring system that ran until being discontinued in 2017.


2013 saw the introduction of the new generation seal from GLIDE in their GMSS. That system has remained the premium system design since 2013 with 2018 seeing it move to 100% all stainless hardware as the standard.

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