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GLIDE materials are widely used in many pumping and hydro
applications. With internal lubrication compounded into all of our materials, we have excellent dry-run capacity in vertical and turbine lift pumps. Our high temperature and abrasion resistant materials also have extraordinary success in demanding applications that can handle working temperatures over 450°F.

Our 2 different materials available for your bearing needs:

  • Glide-400 - Highly Internally Lubricated

  • Glide-616 - High Temperature Tolerance

Key Benefits of Glide-400:

  • Extends shaft life: Protects metal shafts from excessive wear.

  • High Load Capacity: GLIDE design load 4200 psi. Compressible yield strength 12700 psi.

  • Frictional Properties: Thanks to Glide-400's internal lubrication, Glide Pump Bearings can handle high speeds and loading in the mist demanding conditions.

  • Temperature Limits: Working temperature of up to 266°F. With heavier loads the maximum working temperature should be reduced to 220°F.

  • Serviceability: GLIDE-400 can be press fit, slip fit, mechanically secured or epoxied.

  • No Electrolytic Corrosion: Allows for easily serviced bushings with no damage to the housing.

  • Machinable: GLIDE-400 has no stress relief when machined.

  • Industries: Pump, Marine, Food, Industrial, Agricultural.

  • FDA and NSF 61 approved.

  • Self-lubricating: homogeneous compound has 100% lubrication throughout.

Key Benefits of Glide-616 (High Temp Material):

  • Extreme compression resistance.

  • High Working Temperature (450°F).

  • Dry-Run.

  • Works excellent with stainless shafting.

  • Custom molded shapes available.

Looking for a custom-fit product? We manufacture and stock “standard size” pump bearings, as well as customer-specific sizes to meet their needs. Metric and Imperial combination sized parts are also available. From 1 part to 10,000 pieces, we welcome all inquiry’s. Please contact us for more information.

GLIDE products are great for the following

pump & hydro applications and more...


  • Impeller wear Rings

  • Casing wear rings

  • Pump bowl bearings

  • Suction bell bearings

  • Spider bearings

  • Archimedes screw bearings

  • Pivot bushings

  • Aerator bushings

  • Wicket gate

Additional material benefits for pumps: 

  • Dissipates heat

  • Extreme compressive strength (36,500 psi)

  • Excellent wear properties

  • Easily installed (press or freeze fit)

  • Can run on itself (GLIDE-616 and GLIDE-615)

  • Shaft-friendly

  • Unlimited sizing combinations

  • No need to grease

  • Can be molded into component shapes

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