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GLIDE products are becoming a new standard in the food industry for processing equipment, conveyors, and more. Unlike components traditionally found in in the industry.


Gone are the days of the rope packing.... We have reusable, dishwasher safe, seal configurations that install directly into your existing stuffing box with no modification required! Our proprietary polymer blends that can be developed for specific applications.  With increased efficiency, reduced downtime and reusable seals, this all benefits your bottom line. We design components based on 3A sanitary standards which are essential when it comes to helping reduce the chance of contamination. Customer/application specific configurations are available in solid or our easily serviced split seal.


Looking for a custom-fit product?  Please contact us with your information and we will work with you to develop a system for your specific application & sealing needs, with efficient, reusable, CIP (clean in place) seals.


Please contact us and see how we can help improve your efficiency and reduce production downtime.

GLIDE products are great for the following

industrial applications and more...


  • Mixer shaft bearings

  • Seal housings

  • Cover / lid bushings

  • Stuffing boxes

  • Quick change CIP seal systems

  • Peeler / linker wheels

  • Roller bushings

  • Chain rollers / guides

  • Wear rings

  • Fluid nozzles

  • Guide plates

  • Pallet jack bearings

Additional material benefits for food applications:


  • FDA compliant

  • Replaces metallic bushing materials

  • Internally lubricated

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Excellent wear properties

  • CIP applications

  • Will not harm stainless shafting

  • No need to grease

  • Works excellent in chilled and wet environments

  • “Green materials" (environmentally friendly)

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