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Don't have our Install Tool? STOP!

In 2019, we were proud of an accomplishment that shows just how much time and attention goes into each GMSS we build. That accomplishment was that we had 0 defective seal systems returned to us. We offer the longest warranty in the industry because we know, if installed correctly, our Glide Marine Seal System will give you many years of dependable use. The main reason we get a call about an issue with a seal system is simple: They installed without our tool and tore the seal.

Inside most Glide systems, you will see a grey "tool" or sleeve inside the housing. This tool makes sure that when you slide the housing over your shaft, it does not tear the double lip seal. We sell all systems with glide install tools, however, there are instances where a tool may not get used. If you buy one of our seal systems from somewhere and you do not see one in your housing: CALL US. We will have one out to you same day. It must be installed with a tool to be covered by our warranty.

If you had one of our seal systems installed recently or you have a newer boat and are already seeing water: CALL US. A few simple photos usually will show the seal was damaged by improper installation. Again: This is an easy fix. We have replacement seals on the shelf.

Below you will find the file for our instructions on using a Glide Install Tool.

Tim II

Install Tools
Download PDF • 148KB

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