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  • Our Marine Bearings are made from our very own GLIDE-100 material, which has virtually no water swell and is one of the most dimensionally stable polymer materials available. Bearings can be machined to the correct clearances without fear of swelling or the clearances disappearing. GLIDE gives you the confidence you need on the water!


    For many “synthetic” bearing materials, water swell is a major problem and a major risk for potential shaft seizure. The problem with shaft seizure is that it typically happens over time and most likely comes to a full seizure/lock of shafting at the worst possible time… while out enjoying your boat and potentially leaving you stranded.


    Compared to most elastomers, rubbers, nylons, and laminates, our GLIDE-100 has low friction. Why is this important? Low friction for a bearing = less heat generated as well as smoother operation and less wear to the whole running assembly. The low static friction of GLIDE-100 is especially beneficial to the low amplitude oscillating movements of rudders. With GLIDE-100, every change of direction occurs smoothly, with a minimal force required and without any jerking or resistance to shaft torque or bearing swell. You will be delighted with the performance improvement compared to conventional materials.


    Click here for larger size GLIDE Marine Bearings. 


    Click here for 2-piece GLIDE Wake/Ski Boat Bearings.


    Additional Sizes and Combinations are Available Upon Request!

    GLIDE Marine Bearing - (0.750"-1.500" Shaft Size)

    • GLIDE has the ability to design and manufacture custom-size parts upon request! Seal Systems, Bearings and Rudder sleeves are available for ¾” through 4.0” Whether you're looking for one part or 1,000 pieces, we welcome all inquiries. Please contact us by calling (616) 868-9730 or emailing

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