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We do not use “catalog” parts. We are seal Design Engineers that also manufacture our seals exclusively in-house. Being vertically integrated allows us to develop our high-performance seals around the needs of the Ski and Wake boat builders. As the industry changes with the trends, the boats change as well. We develop our seals to not only meet but, exceed the demands as they change. We have all the necessary tools and instructions needed for you to change your seal and get you back on the water as quick as possible.


How long will my seal last? It is important to understand that how your system is installed, aligned and the quality of the water (sand/silt) where used, all factor into the seal life. It isn’t uncommon to see our systems running 10+ years of use under normal operating conditions before the seal is in need of replacement.


When it comes time to change, we want to make the process easy on you and your wallet! Our systems are serviceable, the Seal/Install tool kit is all that is needed when the time comes for changing the sel.

GLIDE Replacement Seals

  • GLIDE has the ability to design and manufacture custom-size parts upon request! Seal Systems, Bearings and Rudder sleeves are available for ¾” through 4.0” Whether you're looking for one part or 1,000 pieces, we welcome all inquiries. Please contact us by calling (616) 868-9730 or emailing

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